When Art Fails

Posted by Emily Stauring on 17th Dec 2015

I often get asked what's behind my work, what inspires my art, how did I come up with a specific idea or ideas. All artists get these questions, as people want to know the inner workings (behind the s … read more

Life Of A Photographer's Kid

Posted by Emily Stauring on 27th Oct 2015

"Mom, why are we stopping again?""Mom, why are you turning around?""Mom, why are you crawling on your belly through a field?"These are a small sampling of some of my children's daily questions to me.& … read more

How I Got My Start

Posted by Emily Stauring on 21st Aug 2015

      (My first ever contest win - it sealed the deal!) Many people ask me how I got into photography. Where did I go to school for it, who did I study under, when did I know I had … read more

How Did You Get That Shot?

Posted by Emily Stauring on 18th Aug 2015

Someone walks by my booth, and without even talking to me or asking I hear "That had to be photo shopped." Or someone tells me that my images are impossible to achieve and I had to have created them. … read more

Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair 2015

Posted by Emily Stauring on 18th Aug 2015

I'm a career artist who sells photography at art festivals around the nation. My husband participates with me and generally walks the entire shows to gather information that I can't while I'm selling. … read more