The Artist

 About Emily J 


   Emboldening the world to lay down their devices and inhale the puissance of my imagery. Forcing photographic theory to its limit to develop exclusive and eclectic exposures.

  "I will photograph until I die, and I will probably die photographing."




What camera(s) do you use? 

Right now I use a Nikon D750 and Nikon D7100

Do you edit? 

Absolutely I do. Many photographers claim they don't edit, or hate to edit, but to me editing is what makes a picture ART and is one of favorite things to do! I utilize Lightroom and edit the images for color, contrast, saturation etc. I don't add objects, but will utilize color layers when needed. 

Where did you study photography?

I am completely self taught. I have taken photos since I can remember, and have never had a class. I believe that is partly why I can create what I create because no one told me I could, or couldn't. 

How long have you been photographing? 

Honest answer - my whole life. I did start professionally as a wedding and portrait photographer and did that for 11 years. It was not in line with my artistic vision and goals so 7 years ago I switched to producing fine art and I'll never go back. 

What is your favorite subject to photograph? 

Honestly, I love it all. I love the challenge that every new photographic venture brings. I have a deep passion for abandoned buildings and cars and I love to explore. I also have a deep passion for horses, storms and all sorts of things. I will never allow myself to only photograph one "genre" as the world offers art everywhere you look - so never stop looking. My favorite thing is to get lost. Getting lost is where some of my best imagery comes from! 


"I will photograph until I die, and I will probably die photographing"

- Emily J 

 Awards and Accomplishments: 

Sold to every continent in the world
Exhibiting member of the Guild of Art & Artisans
Author of Kiss It Cancer
Featured in National TV ads for Fine Art America
Featured on CD and book covers
Featured in 'Women In Art 278' international magazine (February 2014) 
Published in Bowhunter Magazine for 5 years (Advertising Cover) 
2012 - Top 100 Photographers/PPA Loan Collection - Professional Photograpers Of America - International Photographic Competition (Winning Image - Soul Searcher)
2012 - Third Place Photography - Orchard Park Festival (Winning Image - Cornfield Strike) 
2012 - Gallery Selection - Adirondack Art Gallery 2013 - Award Of Distiction/Best Of Photography - Syracuse Art & Crafts Festival (Winning Image - International Turkeys) 
2015 - Honorable Mention Photography Manayunk Arts Festival, Philadelphia PA 
2016 First Place Photography, "Visitor", Carnaval on The Mile Miami 
                   2016 First Place Photography, Naples Grape Festival                                                                         2018 - 3rd Place Photography - Lewiston Arts Festival  


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